Funny Riddles

1- What year in this century is the same when its number is turned upside down?

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2- If you break me, I'll stop working; if you can touch me, my work is done. If you lose me, you must find me with a ring soon after. What am I?

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I am an alarm clock.

3- I am as light as a feather, yet no man can hold me for long.

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Your breath

4- Feed me and I live, yet give me a drink and I die.

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5- A man is pushing his car. He stops in front of a hotel and immediately knows he is bankrupt. How did he know?

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He is playing monopoly and he stops on a property he doesn't own with a hotel. At this point he knows that to pay the "rent" he will be bankrupt.

6- What number comes next in this sequence:

7 8 5 5 3 4 4 ?

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6- the number of letters in the month august; (January has 7 letters, Feb has 8 etc.)

7- What doesn't exist, but has a name?

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8- What is black when you buy it, red as you use it, and grey when you throw it out?

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9- The day before two days after the day before tomorrow is Saturday. What day is it today?

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10- What goes around the world yet stays in a corner?

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A postage stamp on an envelope.


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