Funny SMS

So you like to send text messages, how about some funny SMS for you to send.

When a schizophrenic threatens to commit suicide are we talking of hostageship?
What happens when the earth turn 30 times faster?...You get your salary every day and all women bleed dead!!!
Why did the statue of liberty have to be a woman?The head had to be hollow to make a restaurant in it!
Why is a false eye made of glass?.....To look through.
All I ever wanted is what others have.
Laugh on your one and the world thinks you are an idiot.
A kiss that says it all is seldom a first edition.
Women have usually nothing to wear and no room to put it away!
Time is something that makes sure that everything does nog happen at the same moment.
I see things the way they are and say: Why? .................. I dream of things that never were and say: Why not?


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