Funny SMS

So you like to send text messages, how about some funny SMS for you to send.

A dream costs nothing unless you want it to come true.
A butterfly needs its wings ... an icebear needs cold weather and I ... I need you!
I'm a bit shy...I'd like to have sex with you, you do not have to say yes, just smile to me!
I think I have BSE on my penis ...... all women who experienced it go crazy !
Eva stood in the river washing her cunt when God comes running to her and shouts: EVA EVA STOP, I WON'T GET THE SMELL OF THE FISH.
Do you know why a waterbed needs to be filled with seawater?...For the mussels need to be able to open.
Screw calmly and without worries, if you do not come today, it may happen tomorrow !
Women are like little children, they put everything they see in their mouth.
The boy puts his information in her communication and together they make population!
What is the resemblance between a windscreen wiper and a woman? ... When they are wet, they do not squeak any more!


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