Funny SMS

So you like to send text messages, how about some funny SMS for you to send.

I know why I am single, my parents-in-law were not able to have kids...
I like to compare you with a nice cold glass of beer, beautiful colour, perfect taste, really perfect and when the glass is empty i just take the next one!
Birdy birdy in the sky, left a poopie in my eye. Me don't care, me don't cry, me just happy that a cow can't fly!!
Braindetector activated, calibrating, now searching.........still searching......get a good grip of your mobile....still brains found.
Did I not see you yesterday at the mall, with a grey jacket? No? O, than it was a rubbish bag after all!
E man pays $.2,00 for a $.1,00 item that he needs, a woman pays $.1,00 for $.2,00 item that she does not need.
For you I would go as far as the end of the world. Do you promise to stay here ?"
How would you like your egg for breakfast.... hard-boiled or impregnated?


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