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Never before in history has so much information been available to us. Like we don't already have enough to do. Here are some very interesting, sometimes amazing facts to add to your overloaded brain. 

Latest Interesting Facts
Residents of the northeastern U.S. observed a blue sun and a blue moon, caused by forest fires in British Columbia.
Melbourne (VIC) has the dubious honour of being Australia's least sunny capital with an average of 5.7 hours of sunshine each day.
Yuma in Arizona (USA) is the sunniest place in the world.
In Australia, Darwin (NT) is the sunniest capital with an average of 8.5 hours a day.
A typical flash of folk lightning lasts for about 0.2 seconds.
At any particular time, there are approximately 1,800 thunderstorms occurring in the Earth's atmosphere.
The largest piece of ice to fall to earth was an ice block 6 meters (20 ft) across that fell in Scotland on 13 August 1849.
The largest hailstone recorded fell on 14 April 1986 in Bangladesh weighing 1kg (2.25lbs). The hailstorm reportedly killed 92 people.
The largest snowflakes in the world fell across Fort Keogh in Montana (USA) on 28 January 1887.
There is NOT a law of nature that prohibits 2 snowflakes from being identical.



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